Corey Graves shares surprising update on plans for in-ring return

Corey Graves does not think of in-ring return as an immediate goal
Corey Graves does not think of in-ring return as an immediate goal

WWE color commentator Corey Graves recently revealed what motivated him to pursue medical clearance for his in-ring return. However, he also shared that it was not his immediate goal.

Graves recently revealed that he has been cleared for a potential in-ring return. After suffering a concussion, he was forced to take a hiatus from competing inside the squared circle. Graves eventually found a new role as a commentator and has done well in this role.

He took the initiative to get clearance and shared the positive results with WWE. The company then demanded that he go through the testing protocol and successfully convince them about being ready for a potential in-ring return. Graves shared the details during a recent interview with The Athletic and said:

"I felt like I had sort of plateaued, and I needed a different challenge," said Graves. "And so I went … down to Tampa to the same doctors that shut me down initially, went through the whole workup again, took that information, gave it to WWE. … They actually sent me down to the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). I did WWE's' testing protocol, and they said, "You're' medically clear; you don't' have any sort of issues that give us pause or worry."

Graves also stated that it's good to know that he is medically cleared in case he has to do anything physical in the future.

"It's' nice for me to know that I can contribute in a different manner if need be," he concluded. "I've' been through the system and in the system for almost 11 years now. … So, I've' seen and done just about everything there is to do, aside from, you know, competing in the ring. I just think having that extra tool in my pocket that, OK, if I do need to do something physical, I can. But that said, it's' not necessarily a goal immediately."

Corey Graves is engaged to WWE Superstar Carmella

Later in the interview, Corey Graves also confirmed that he is getting married to RAW Superstar Carmella next week on Thursday. The couple got engaged in October last year.

Graves and Carmella also star in the latest reality show that explores all aspects of their relationship. The two superstars revealed that they wanted to normalize the conversation surrounding physical intimacy and stressed on how they wanted success where "Edge and Lita failed."

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