"How are you telling me that I don't know how to be myself?" – Former champion recalls advice from Triple H

Triple H has been away from WWE since his cardiac event.
Triple H has been away from WWE since his cardiac event.

Former WWE United States Champion Damian Priest recently spoke about some life-changing advice he received from Triple H.

Damian Priest was one of the breakout stars for WWE in 2021. He had an impressive showdown at WrestleMania, teaming up with Bad Bunny against The Miz & Morrison. He won the United States Championship at SummerSlam from Sheamus and continued to hold on to the title until losing it to Finn Balor a couple of weeks ago on RAW.

Speaking to ViBe & Wrestling in an exclusive interview, The Archer of Infamy talked about Hunter's advice that changed his life:

"I want to see the person I’m seeing here in the ring. When you’re between the ropes you’re playing the role of a wrestler, but I don’t want that, I want to see someone else. When you learn to be yourself, you will have an amazing career."

Priest also mentioned that it was difficult for him to understand what Triple H meant at first:

"When he told me that, I didn’t understand because I thought, how is that? How are you telling me that I don’t know how to be myself? Until one day, I realized what he was saying and I understood everything. I don’t know why but it’s hard to be yourself in front of the camera because it changes the way you talk, the way you walk, everything, and the day came when I relaxed and began to enjoy myself." (H/T - WrestlingInc)

Triple H is regarded as the father of the original NXT

Triple H is often credited as being the brains behind the original iteration of NXT. He played an instrumental role in signing some of the biggest names to NXT and running the brand through its golden era.

However, Hunter hasn't been involved with NXT's backstage operations or creative since his cardiac event last year that required surgery. Since then, NXT has been rebranded as NXT 2.0 and is moving in a new creative direction.

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