Damian Priest reveals the surprising job he had before becoming a full-time wrestler

Damian Priest and Triple H after his title defense at Backlash.
Damian Priest and Triple H after his title defense at Backlash. (Image Credit - Instagram)

Fulfilling the dream of wrestling in WWE can sometimes take longer than a talent expects. Damian Priest recently spoke about his life before committing to the business.

These days, The Archer of Infamy is the top guy on RAW and has kicked off his World Heavyweight Championship reign in impressive fashion. The Judgment Day member has worked hard to be where he's at, and he revealed he once worked at a club.

While speaking on The Rob Brown Show, Damian Priest recalled being a manager at a club in New Jersey. Priest was doing well for himself as he was offered a promotion and was, for the first time in his life, in a stable financial condition.

While the Judgment Day member hadn't given up on his wrestling dreams, he needed a job at the time, as he explained below:

"I remember working at a club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was the manager (laughs). And they wanted to give me even more responsibility, give me a raise. It was an easy gig. I had a penthouse apartment on the boardwalk and a vehicle. I was fine. It was the first time in my life; I was like, I'm actually okay." [2:22:04 - 2:22:31]

Damian Priest recalls quitting his job to pursue wrestling

A pay hike and promotion came with the condition that he give up pro wrestling and focus solely on his day job.

Damian Priest didn't hesitate to put in his papers as he wasn't ready to compromise on his goal of being a successful professional wrestler.

While Priest initially had feelings of regret after he quit, being without a job helped him prioritize his pro wrestling career, which, thankfully, took off and eventually landed him a WWE contract.

"Basically, they told me to stop doing the wrestling thing and only on the weekends and focus on that job. I, with no hesitation, put in my two weeks' notice. Now, when I did that, 'Oh, no! What did I just do?' And then that's when I was like, if I'm going to do this and do it the right way and go seriously all in. No excuses, and yeah, luckily, it paid off." [2:22:32 onwards]

Damian Priest has worked his way up the business and is rightfully a world champion in WWE. His reign, however, could be in jeopardy as he is slated to face Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, which will be a daunting challenge for the champion.

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