"I was supposed to win it" - Original plans for former WWE star to win world title and feud with Cody Rhodes over it (Exclusive)

Cody Rhodes was supposed to be in a world title feud in 2013.
Cody Rhodes was supposed to be in a world title feud in 2013.

Damien Sandow, aka Aron Stevens, recently detailed the original plans for a feud with Cody Rhodes over the World Heavyweight Championship he won the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2013.

Despite winning the briefcase, Sandow did not become World Heavyweight Champion. He cashed in on John Cena on the October 28th, 2013 episode of WWE RAW but got pinned by the 16-time world champion. However, the current NWA wrestler was originally supposed to win the big gold belt.

Damien Sandow appeared on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, where he spoke about his partnership with Cody Rhodes and his Money in the Bank victory. He was also asked about the original plans regarding his cash-in.

"Yeah, I was supposed to win it. I was supposed to cash in (successfully). Cody and I had our feud, everything was great," Sandow said. "I heard I was going to win the world title, Cody chases me, and then we do the whole (feud). We had a whole wonderful thing planned and, yeah, didn't happen, but whatever."

WWE may have had plans to make Cody Rhodes the World Heavyweight Champion in 2013

According to Damien Sandow, he and Cody Rhodes were supposed to feud over the World Heavyweight Championship. He turned on his former tag team partner during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, leading to his victory. The former WWE Tag Team Champion mentioned that he is still very proud of that match.

The two feuded immediately afterward and the blowoff match - won by Rhodes - came at SummerSlam.The angle could have been rehashed over the World Heavyweight Title, with Rhodes chasing Sandow and potentially even winning it for himself.

These plans may have been scrapped when WWE decided to unify both world titles. Less than two months after Sandow's failed cash-in, Randy Orton defeated John Cena to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Had this alternative taken place and Rhodes became a world champion in WWE, the pro wrestling landscape would have been vastly different from what it currently is. Rhodes is one of the top stars in All Elite Wrestling and an integral part of getting the promotion off the ground.

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