Dan Severn reveals his experience working with Vince McMahon in WWE

Dan 'The Beast' Severn
Dan 'The Beast' Severn

Dan Severn was recently interviewed by Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online, where he talked about his experience working in WWE and with the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Readers can check out the full interview here.


Dan Severn on working in WWE with Vince McMahon

Dan Severn said that he was booked well at the beginning of his run in WWE. However, when the company and the WWE officials came to realize they could not control him, they booked him very differently.

Dan Severn revealed that although he worked for WWE, he could work anywhere he wanted, including WCW, as there was no limit specified in his contract.

“I mean literally I was used very well in the beginning. I always looked very strong because most of my matches were just short wrecking people and that was it and then all of a sudden, I'm not certain what exactly happened, I don't know if maybe they being the company realize they don't have any control mechanisms over me. I mean, sure there was a creative team and stuff like that, but I had a very unique contract."
"That uniqueness is the fact that I had no limitations. I wasn't solely working for the WWF, Vince McMahon's company, I was non-exclusive. I could work for the NWA and at the same time so I could work for the NWA. If WCW had approached me and they did at the time, they approached me, but you know, I am smart enough to know that you don't bite the hand that’s feeding you. So if I work for the WWF, they might get a little mad if I'm working for WCW, but you know, I had no restrictions, so I can work for anybody I wanted to."

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Dan Severn went on to talk about his sporting background and how he always filled his weekends with work during his time in WWE, and worked elsewhere as well.

"So I mean, I had an enjoyable, you know, I'll say just say childhood, you know, growing up in round of the Montrose do lots of area and then venturing out into my sport opened up so many different things to me. I have traveled the entire United States doing something in every state. Let's face it, to the hardest states to get to is Alaska and Hawaii and I've been to them for five different times and made it to Puerto Rico and Guam. So I've made it to even a few other destinations."

Dan Severn worked in both the wrestling world, including WWE, as well as in MMA, to become a legend in both circles.

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