Davey Boy Smith Jr. open to WWE return but one one condition

Davey Boy Smith Jr. is a two-time Tag Team Champion
Davey Boy Smith Jr. is a two-time Tag Team Champion

Former WWE Superstar Davey Boy Smith Jr. has commented on the possibility of a return to the promotion.

The star started his journey in the company in 2006. He got a major push in 2009 when he formed The Hart Dynasty along with Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Davey Boy Smith Jr. also won the Unified Tag Team Championship with a victory over ShoMiz during the 2010 WWE Draft on RAW.

Speaking on the Straight Talk Wrestling podcast, Smith Jr. said he would like to return to New Japan Pro-Wrestling where he has had two distinct spells.

"I would like to go to Japan again at some point and that’s kind of where — not ‘main focus’, but that’s where the goal is to go next and I’ve seen Pro Wrestling NOAH’s been doing some great stuff lately and their business is really coming back up and I worked with them before so that may be an option, and I heard Kiyoshi Tamura’s starting a new sort of like shoot wrestling company called GLEAT over in Japan, that Josh Barnett’s gonna be a part of so, I’m definitely very interested in that as well. " [H/T POST Wrestling]

As far as WWE is concerned, he believes that he can do some great stuff in the company provided there is an actual direction for him.

"So, I’m going to be researching that and — but yeah, [I’d] love to go to Japan again and you know, if the doors are back — if there’s an opportunity to go back to WWE if there’s an actual direction for me, then, you know, I think that there’s still some — definitely some mileage and some great stuff that they can do with me there and I would like to just — sometimes, gotta be the right timing."

Natalya reacts to Davey Boy Smith Jr.'s physique

Former SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya reacted to Davey Boy Smith Jr's incredible physique.

A few months back, the two-time tag champion sent out a tweet in reaction to him and Doug Williams reaching the Crockett Cup final on NWA. He wrote:

"The Bruiser is BACK! After two successful wins tonight in the @nwa Crocket Cup, @DougWilliamsUK and @dbsmithjr we are going to the finals and will be victorious for the #crockettcup"

Natalya looked like she was quite impressed by his former teammate's physique and reacted with the word "Damn." You can check out the tweet below:

Davey Boy Smith Jr. and WIlliams eventually went on to win the Crockett Cup final by defeating the Briscoe Brothers.

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