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WWE News: Dean Ambrose on internet spoilers

Dean Ambrose on internet spoilers.

Dean Ambrose is not a fan of the digital age 

What’s the Story?

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose was asked about his thoughts on internet spoilers. The question came up on whether or not spoilers take the magic away from professional wrestling.

“Yeah, a lot of fans kinda take the magic away. But it’s been like this for years now,” said Ambrose.

“They dig and search for every little bit of info and spend so much time deciphering everything and overthinking things. That’s just an outlet for their passion for wrestling, but it does take away the magic, so I almost wish people would stop doing that.”

In case you didn’t know:

The internet really has come a long way since the time when professional wrestling was relying on the Nielsen ratings to help decide who was winning the Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW.

While it has helped expand the product of professional wrestling, one can argue it has even hurt it because the surprises are no longer what they once were. When a talent left one company to join the next, there were no internet spoilers to let fans know about it.

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The Dirt Sheets may have existed, but the information wasn’t quickly spread so the surprises could be ruined. Fans have a deep love for professional wrestling and considering the availability of spoilers on the internet, it makes it difficult for anyone to not feel the rush to want to read them. 

The Heart of the Matter:

Dean Ambrose might be talking about the recent spoilers of who will be next to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

It was reported that Diamond Dallas Page and Ravishing Rick Rude would be the next ones to be inducted. In the past, one would have to wait until after the Royal Rumble to see who would be inducted; however, thanks to the internet, fans find out a lot sooner and the media picks up on it right away. 

What’s Next?

Dean Ambrose understands that the internet age is only growing, and there is no way that spoilers won’t exist. The mystique and the magic are gone because no one is surprised anymore, but professional wrestling, thanks to the digital age, does continue to grow because of the internet. 

Sportskeeda’s Take:

We agree with Ambrose. This isn’t to say that we don’t get excited when we find out a spoiler, but at the same time when it does happen, it ruins the fun of wanting to watch the show in the first place.

When you watch a television show, you are excited by what will happen next; if you read spoilers, then there really isn’t a point to watching the show. It should be fun to be surprised, but in this day and age, that’s hard to come by. 

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