Details on real-life issues nearly derailing WWE show - reports

NXT this week will be live from the WWE Performance Center
NXT this week will be live from the WWE Performance Center

WWE have some travel issues to sort out ahead of this week's episode of NXT.

On some occasions, WWE's live programming can face significant disruptions when there are travel hiccups impacting the roster. This week appears to be one of those instances where logistical issues might affect the planned programming.

According to a recent Fightful Select report, WWE is currently dealing with travel-related issues involving certain members of their talent roster. The extent and impact of these troubles on this week's episode remain uncertain as details about the situation are still pending.

These travel challenges could potentially disrupt the planned lineup for the show, leading to adjustments in matches, segments, or the overall presentation.

The upcoming show has advertised a lineup featuring multiple fatal-four way matches, a mixed trios bout involving The Alpha Academy, and a special Chase U assembly. Additionally, NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov is scheduled for a face-to-face segment with Baron Corbin, adding anticipation for their upcoming encounter.

Given that this week's show serves as the go-home episode leading up to NXT's Premium Live Event, NXT Deadline, it adds an extra layer of intrigue to observe whether any eleventh-hour alterations will be made.

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