Details on whether Vince McMahon watches AEW

Does Vince McMahon follow AEW to keep an eye on his competition?
Does Vince McMahon follow AEW to keep an eye on his competition?

Dave Meltzer was a guest on Wrestling Inc Daily last week. During the show, talk of AEW came up and Meltzer was asked whether Vince McMahon watched AEW.

Meltzer said that Vince doesn't watch AEW and gets feedback about their product from his people:

No, he doesn’t and he doesn’t know. I think that that’s probably… I think he kind of just gets fed by his people that they are really crummy and they are really terrible and its beginner’s luck and all that.

Meltzer then went into more details:

They can’t admit to that so there’s always going to be those excuses. I think they went through the WCW thing where they thought our products better than them, it just took a while and then we won. It’s like,no, when WCW went ahead their product was better than yours and your product was better than theirs there was a lag period of a couple of months but that’s when you went ahead.

Could AEW beat WWE in the ratings if they went head to head?

Dave Meltzer then went on to discuss what would happen if AEW and WWE went head to head on Monday nights. Meltzer said that although WWE would continue to beat AEW right now because they have been a mainstay in that time slot for almost three decades, a couple of years of good shows from AEW (if they went head to head on Monday Nights) could see AEW actually win:

That's really what it is – who's got the better product? I don't wanna say who's gonna win because if AEW and WWE were both head-to-head on Monday night, WWE would win based on the fact that they have the 27 years in the timeslot lead," stated Meltzer. "So, they would win even if AEW had the better show. But in time and if you gave it a year or two and AEW had a better show two straight years, then they would win. But it would take time to pull that off. H/T: WINC

With AEW doing really well in the ratings recently, it may be time for Vince McMahon to take the threat a little more seriously.

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