Devastating betrayal sees fans burst into tears as 3-year friendship ends; WWE officials called in for serious injury

Everyone in the arena was worried after the attack
Everyone in the arena was worried after the attack

There was an unforgivable betrayal on a WWE show that saw fans burst into tears and officials worried about an injury.

Trick Williams was not able to win the WWE NXT Championship at Vengeance Day, although he came close to beating Ilja Dragunov. The two times that he was closest, though, he was stopped thanks to gaffs by Carmelo Hayes. The first time, he fell on Williams' leg, hurting him. The other time, he had the referee distracted, and this led to a spot where Williams could have won, going unnoticed.

Unfortunately, after the match, things got only worse for Williams. He was emotional, as was the crowd. Hayes hugged him, and it looked like things would be okay, but they were not.

Hayes attacked him from behind, taking him out. He only intensified the assault, getting a chair out and attacking Williams' leg, looking to break it. The star was very hurt after the match and couldn't do much as he never saw his friend attacking him.

The WWE audience was crying, with kids breaking down as well. There were also vociferous chants against Melo as he betrayed his best friend.

The referees got involved, stopping the attack before calling out the doctors for Williams, who was very hurt.

At this time, there's no news on how bad the injury is.

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Edited by Debottam Saha
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