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WWE News: Diamond Dallas Page offers to help Vader lose weight

DDP has previously helped many wrestlers with his DDP yoga, including Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and Scott Hall.

The Vader Time isn’t over yet!

After the doctors intimated Vader that he would only live for two years, the WCW/WWE/TNA legend Diamond Dallas Page took it upon himself to offer to help Vader out with his medical issues. He has invited Vader for a course in DDP Yoga, from the beginning of next year.

In an interview with Hannibal TV, Vader revealed the generous offer made by DDP and said that he'd meet with DDP on January 2nd in Atlanta. Page plans to help the WWE legend lose Vader 100 pounds to ease the stress on his heart.

Over the years, DDP has garnered the reputation of helping out fellow professional wrestlers with their health issues.

Last year, he famously helped Jake “the Snake” Roberts cope with a drug and alcohol addiction that had sidetracked his life post-retirement. DDP had invited Roberts to his home and introduced him to yoga and a healthy diet. 

Roberts’ miraculous transformation was archived in a 2015 documentary titled ‘Resurrection of Jake the Snake.’  Now, DDP has shifted his focus to helping WWE legend Vader and is adamant about turning his life around.

Here’s a clip of Vader’s interview with Hannibal TV:

Earlier this year, Vader was involved in a near-fatal car accident that left him unconscious for 35 minutes after his car rolled over multiple times. The accident happened while Vader was travelling to Boulder, Colorado.

A few days later the 61-year-old broke the news of his heart struggles via a Twitter post. He got worldwide support and fans persuaded him to keep fighting.

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Vader has had a successful career both as a wrestler and a football player. His 20-year-long line of work left him with a weak heart. According to the initial opinion of his doctors, Vader had just under two years to live. Another medical opinion, however, came with better news instead.

Regardless, Vader has not given up yet, and with DDP’s help, is certainly on his way to making a recovery. We wish him all the best!

Here’s a clip of DDP, Vader and Sting in the WWE Network special ‘Table for 3’:

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