Dominik Mysterio breaks silence after female WWE Superstar kisses him

The star made it clear what his thoughts were on the matter
The star made it clear what his thoughts were on the matter

Dominik Mysterio may have finally crossed a line that can't be uncrossed on WWE RAW after a female star grabbed his face and kissed him. With Rhea Ripley absent from regular programming, Mysterio's actions may have landed him in hot water and the star has reacted as such.

After having cost Becky Lynch the WWE Women's World Title at King and Queen of the Ring, Dominik Mysterio appeared on RAW to apparently correct his mistake. His intention was seemingly to help Becky beat Liv Morgan as revenge for Morgan taking out Rhea Ripley. Unfortunately, he had the opposite effect again this week with Braun Strowman running into him, and causing him to slam the cage door on Lynch.

As a result, Morgan was able to win again. But that didn't stop there.

After that, when Morgan was walking up the ramp, she stopped and looked him down. The stare between them lasted a moment before she suddenly grabbed his face and kissed him. The star didn't break away immediately. In fact, the kiss lasted seconds with Mysterio apparently a willing part of it, until he finally pushed her away.

Now the star has finally reacted to the moment that has since gone viral on social media. He simply shared a picture of Kermit from the Muppets, with the text, "Well f**k," acknowledging the major mistake he just made and the consequences he may now have to face.

The star is worried about the consequences of his actions
The star is worried about the consequences of his actions

Mysterio has every reason to be worried at this time, given that he now has to justify what happened to Damian Priest and the rest of the Judgment Day. On top of that, Rhea Ripley is unlikely to be happy with what just happened.

Dominik Mysterio's real interests may lie with Liv Morgan

While publicly Dominik Mysterio appears to be working against Liv Morgan, in reality, there seems to be a chance that he's working with Morgan after all.

The two were spotted walking out of the same room earlier on an episode of RAW. On another, Morgan was spotted with Mysterio's bandana at the end of the night, one that he had been wearing when the show started.

Now, he has helped her twice in her championship quests, albeit, "accidentally."

Fans will have to see how this plays out.

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