"You get tired of watching the same stuff" -Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell critical of one aspect of WWE booking [Exclusive]

Dutch Mantell (L) wants to see more fresh match-ups on WWE television
Dutch Mantell (L) wants to see more fresh match-ups on WWE television

Big E wrestled Apollo Crews on WWE SmackDown last night in a MITB qualifier. Commander Azeez attacked Big E at ringside during the match. As he was about to hit Big E with the Nigerian Nail, the referee spotted it and sent Commander Azeez to the back. Big E then hit Apollo with the Big Ending and picked up the win, qualifying for his first Money In The Bank ladder match.

Apollo and Big E have been involved in matches against each other many times in recent months. WWE legend Dutch Mantell addressed this issue on Sportskeeda's Smack Talk, saying that this could be because of a Vince McMahon policy:

"I brought up a point a couple of weeks ago that Vince [McMahon], I read this, that he has decided that no matches should take place without a reason. But hey, all these matches have reason because it's got a two month history behind it leading up to this but you get tired of watching the same stuff." said Mantell

You can watch the entire episode of Smack Talk here:


Dutch Mantell compares one aspect of WWE booking to AEW

Dutch Mantell went on to compare WWE to AEW in one aspect, saying that there were a lot of fresh faces on AEW television unlike in WWE.


Mantell said that he would rather see some new faces instead of the same wrestlers week in, week out:

"At least with AEW, they're going to have a lot of talent to pick from but at least you see different people on that show. I mean, you see people you've never heard of before and some of them will get over and some of them won't but I think I'd rather see a new person. Maybe you can find something to like about a new person instead of seeing the same ones you've seen five or six times." explained Mantell

Dutch Mantell also discussed the MexAmerican storyline on the latest episode of SmackTalk. You can check that out HERE.

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