"I love him to death but he has a drinking problem" – WWE veteran on Dark Side of the Ring's portrayal of Michael Hayes (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell discussed Michael Hayes' problems with alcohol abuse
Dutch Mantell discussed Michael Hayes' problems with alcohol abuse

Dutch Mantell broke down the latest episode in season three of Dark Side of the Ring on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk.

Dark Side of the Ring relayed a detailed story of the infamous flight back in 2002. One notable instance on the flight involved Michael Hayes punching JBL and reopening a wound he sustained during the tour. JBL was furious and proceeded to knock out Hayes with a single slap.

Mantell said that Hayes, in his drunken stupor, wasn't making the best decisions. Mantell pointed out that although Hayes was a close friend, he had issues with alcohol for a while. The former WWE manager claimed that attacking JBL in a drunken state was possibly not the best idea for Hayes on that flight.

Mantell pointed out that JBL is big and strong, and rightly knocked out Hayes when he slapped the former Freebird, as shown on Dark Side of the Ring.

“And Michael Hayes, I love him to death but he has a drinking problem and always has. And when he went back there and slapped JBL, which I wouldn’t suggest would be a good move for your health, JBL is a big boy and he got up and they said he knocked him out. I never heard that. And then he got his hair cut.”

Mantell stated that some incidents like Hayes losing his mullet were indeed funny, but the harrowing account of the flight attendant surrounding Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer's perspective on the whole situation was a serious matter.

You can watch the full video here:

Vice's Dark Side of the Ring has polarised the wrestling community

For the longest time, the Plane Ride from Hell was regarded as harmless ribbing. The latest Dark Side of the Ring episode revealed harsher truths about the incident.

On an all-new @DarkSideofRing, a private 757 flight descends into a nightmare as intoxicated wrestlers clash with the flight crew, erupting into one of wrestling’s most infamous scandals.THE PLANE RIDE FROM HELL. Tonight at 9p.

Flair and Dreamer have received a lot of flak from fans since the episode aired. IMPACT Wrestling was quick to suspend Dreamer. Flair's rumored debut with AEW also seems to be up in smoke after the latest episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

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