Dutch Mantell pays a heartfelt tribute to Bobby Eaton (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell
Dutch Mantell

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton passed away earlier this week and the news has saddened the wrestling world. Dutch Mantell has now reacted to his friend and former colleague's passing.

Mantell and Eaton had shared the ring on multiple occasions across various promotions. The two legends of the industry were close friends and worked together frequently in the 80s and the 90s.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell had some emotional words to say about Bobby Eaton following his passing:

"A good friend of mine, Bobby Eaton, passed away." Mantell said, "His ex-wife had passed away five weeks ago. She was taking care of Bobby and my first thought was who's gonna take care of Bobby and then I wake up, I don't know what day it was. Tuesday, Wednesday? And [I] read the news that Bobby Eaton was found dead in his sleep and I've known him for over 40 years. The nicest guy ever. Everybody says that about him. I've never met anybody that has said anything bad about Bobby Eaton . . . I'm gonna miss him. I lost a good friend and wrestling lost a good talent."

Dutch Mantell touched upon several topics on today's edition of Smack Talk. You can check out the video below.


Dutch Mantell had kind words to say about Jody Hamilton as well

"The Masked Assassin" Jody Hamilton also passed away this week. He was an outstanding talent and a WCW Hall of Famer. Hamilton passed away in Hospice Care at the age of 82. Dutch Mantell was also close friends with him and had the following to say about his passing.

"Another one that passed away was, and you guys may not know this man, Jody Hamilton but when he was the Assassin with Tom Renesto years and years and years ago, [they were] one of the greatest heel tag teams ever." Dutch Mantell said, "And when I'm thinking about them I would have liked to seen the Midnight Express with Bobby, when he was a member of the Midnight Express, against the Assassins . . . He was a great athlete. But they've left us now and I hope they're in a better place and they're not in pain. I'm gonna miss them"

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