Dutch Mantell thinks top SmackDown star needs to leave WWE just three months after his return (Exclusive)

Dutch Mantell thinks that a certain SmackDown star needs to go.
Dutch Mantell was not impressed with this person.

Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell appeared on the latest episode of Smack Talk, and while he was full of praise for the Men's Royal Rumble match, he couldn't help but express his disappointment towards Bray Wyatt and the Mountain Dew™ Pitch Black Match.

The bout was essentially just black lighting and a glorified advertisement for the beverage company. Bray Wyatt won, but Uncle Howdy botched his jump on LA Knight after the match.

Speaking on Smack Talk about the frustration that Wyatt brings by not delivering in matches, the WWE veteran said that when somebody is in a situation like that, it's time for the talent to go:

"When you're booking that far and you write a name down and have a hard time putting him with somebody, it's time for the guy to go. It's time for that talent to move on," said Dutch Mantell. [10:45-11:00]

Dutch Mantell explained how, back in the day, superstars in such positions would be sent to different territories. Keeping talent fresh was important, and Mantell admitted that he doesn't know where Bray Wyatt should go from here:

"I don't know where Bray Wyatt can go from here. LA Knight, that wouldn't be my problem because you could do anything with him right now. Where is Bray going to go? He has to restart it... They need to sit down, and that's where the problem comes in. When you have to sit down and really think about where to go with a talent or a character."

He added:

"I'm sure they have ideas, and I'm sure Bray has ideas. So, we'll see if they surprise me with it. I hope they come up with something good, but who is Uncle Howdy? They can always go to him, but I'm not that interested in Uncle Howdy as a fan." [11:44-12:54]

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Why was Dutch Mantell disappointed by Bray Wyatt?

The Undertaker comparisons seem to work toward the detriment of Bray Wyatt.

The veteran manager explained that, unlike Wyatt, The Undertaker was able to deliver more inside the ring:

"See, The Undertaker could go... he could get his a** beat for a while, and then he could set up. Now here comes the people... Who's going to beat Bray? If he can all of a sudden summon these extraterrestrial, extra-earthly beings or whatever... and I think this doesn't go unnoticed to Paul [Triple H]. I hope it hasn't. I don't think people were happy with the ending of this match." [9:32-10:09]

Should Bray Wyatt improve his in-ring work? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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