'Every time they fired him, he got more over too' - EC3 praises one of the most creative minds in WWE (Exclusive)

EC3 was the guest on Sportskeeda's very own UnSKripted podcast
EC3 was the guest on Sportskeeda's very own UnSKripted podcast

EC3 recently appeared for a live Q & A session with fans on the Sportskeeda Wrestling YouTube account. Hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone, the UnSKripted podcast yielded many insights from the former WWE star and recent promoter.

One of the names that The Essential Character brought up during the conversation was Rockstar Spud, someone WWE fans may know as Drake Maverick. The former champion heaped plenty of praise on the former WWE star, who works as a member of the creative team now:

"I mean I can go on and on and on about the way business is handled and that's my personal opinion," said EC3. "But I can say with a clear head that having Spud, Drake Maverick as part of the creative team is a gift. The guy completely gets it." [18.26-18.37]

According to the current CYN promoter, every time Maverick was asked to leave, he kept getting more and over "over" with the fans:

"And I hope they listen to him and I hope he excels at it," he continued. "And I hope he moves up the chain and has a serious impact and fingerprint on the future of the industry because he's completely unselfish, he's extremely smart, he's super creative, and he can make people get over via storytelling. And look, every time they fired him, he got more over too."[18.38-19.05]

Fans can catch the entire session by clicking on the video below:


EC3 has a big show lined up on WrestleMania week

⁣⁣⁣@realKILLERkross vs @TheHorrorKingVM w/ The Righteous⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Killer meets killers when Kross makes his CYN debut against the father of The Righteous, Vincent? Will this warfare be Physical? Or will it be Psychological? Probably both.⁣⁣

Control Your Narrative has a stacked lineup of talent that also includes Adam Scherr (formerly Braun Strowman), Killer Kross (formerly Karrion Kross), and Austin Aries. Fans can catch one of the promotion's most highly-anticipated showcases in Texas on the 31st to get in the mood for WrestleMania.

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