"I lost that contract in just six hours" - ECW legend Sabu reveals how he lost out on a big WCW contract

Sabu missed out on a 400,000 dollar WCW contract
Sabu missed out on a 400,000 dollar WCW contract
Nithin Joseph
Modified 06 Mar 2021

Former WCW promoter Kevin Sullivan recently revealed that ECW legend Sabu missed out on a 400,000 dollar contract with his former company. The Houdini of Hardcore recently confirmed these reports in an interview, and explained how he lost the contract in a space of just six hours.

Sabu was well known for his time in ECW, the promotion is which he made his name as one of the greatest hardcore style wrestlers of all-time. However, there was a time he considered jumping promotions back when he was on his "down year" with the company.

Appearing on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Sabu confirmed that he did have a 400,000 dollar contract in hand from WCW. Unfortunately, it was a complicated series of events, which included his mother suffering from a heart attack that led to him losing out on the opportunity.

"It was a little more than that, but close enough. One year guaranteed, two years me. They offered me some money, I would not have a meeting with J.J Dillon and Kevin Sullivan. They offered me a huge contract and I was shi***ng my pants. So I said, "Let me take this back to my hotel room and read it". Kevin goes, "Read it! Just sign it", and I said "I have to read it!". But really I was about to tell my mother before I signed it, just for the hell of it. But when I called my mother she had a heart attack on the phone before I could tell her. So I hung up the phone and flew right home. I called in from the ICU unit saying, "Okay, I've got the contract, imma fax it over to you now". He said "too late". I lost that contract in just six hours."

Sabu revealed that ECW was threatening to sue WCW, and this was the primary reason why the promotion pulled the contract. His career may have had a whole different trajectory if he signed that contract.

Sabu's time with WWE ended poorly because he did not have anyone in his corner

Sabu also revealed that he had a one-year contract from WWE some time back which he did not take. The money was too little, but The Houdini of Hardcore eventually did make his way to the company.

Sadly his time with WWE ended quickly, and Sabu cites poor booking as the primary reason for his failed tenure with the company. Dusty Rhodes explained to him that it was because he had no one in the booking room during his time there.

Do you think WWE could have done better with Sabu? Why do you think his career in WWE did not last long? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 06 Mar 2021
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