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WWE News: Emma's injury could have resulted in paralysis

Rohit Nath
11.46K   //    21 Nov 2016, 10:54 IST
“Emmalina” is set to make her return very soon

Emma is set to return to Monday Night Raw under the name of “Emmalina” after being out of action for six months. Yesterday, she took to Instagram to reveal in detail the severity of her injury and her journey to recovery, both physical and emotional.

Six months ago today I couldn't bend over to put my shoes on. I couldn't lift my arms up to get dressed. I couldn't hold my hand up to do my makeup. I couldn't sit stand or walk without pain. I knew it was bad when I realized all these things weren't going away and when the left side of my spine and neck started to constantly spasm. It was even more scary finding out I needed surgery on my spine right away because the spasms and the weakness in my left arm were from nerve damage from the herniated disc pressing on my spinal cord. But in that instant all I could think was that I was lucky I wasn't paralyzed! Six months ago I had surgery and you can see the removed disc above. Today I stand here happy to say I'm fit and healthy. It was a crazy ride but I stayed positive, focused and determined to be better than before. After all, I didn't move my life across the world and leave everything behind for nothing. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe I needed to fall back for a while away from the crowd so that I can come back and take that spotlight... And believe me I will!

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As is clear from the Instagram post, Emma’s injury might have very well caused permanent paralysis if a surgery wasn’t carried out in time. The nerve damage from her herniated disc would have definitely worsened her situation had it not been diagnosed. 

Emma was injured mid-way through May during a house show. She said during the time that the WWE doctor had just told her to ice her back. It turned out to be a far more severe injury, however.

She had claimed in September that she had been cleared to wrestle.

Since then, she had started making appearances in live events, portraying her old character and not the advertised “Emmalina”. Here is her return at a live event two months ago:

Every week since October, WWE have been airing videos advertising “The makeover of Emma to Emmalina”


Emma’s injury had come at a bad time as she had just returned to the main roster a month earlier. She came back right before Wrestlemania 32, and Post-Wrestlemania she had started a feud with Becky Lynch.

This feud had also seen the call-up of Dana Brooke to the main roster, reuniting the pair who had stuck together in their last NXT run. Many fans believed that Emma and Dana Brooke complimented each other, which made for a good pairing. 

However, just as Emma had gotten a second shot at the main roster, her career had come to a sudden halt. Regardless, it seems like Emma will be making her return after Survivor Series.

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Now that she is on the red brand roster, she has a good opportunity as a heel. Her main options for potential feuds are Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, and Bayley, who are currently the three babyfaces of Raw. She could also rekindle her feud with Paige once the latter returns.

Paige and Emma had a historic feud back in NXT when the two competed in the finals of a tournament to become the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. 

Since the brand split has happened, chances of Emma getting a better spot on the card have greatly increased. She could be in line to benefit the most from the split.

Since she seems to be hitting the refresh button on her character, it will be interesting to see the reception to her and how she does on her return.

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