Enormous heel turn; Rey Mysterio attacked during WWE SmackDown

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio is the current United States Champion

Rey Mysterio was viciously attacked on WWE SmackDown during a heel turn.

A couple of months ago, Rey Mysterio joined Legado Del Fantasma to reform the Latino World Order faction. Since then, the group has stuck together through thick and thin. They have helped each other out numerous times, and the fans have also liked them.

Santos Escobar even helped Rey during his match against Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel. However, he left the brass knuckles on the apron, which allowed Logan to use them to get the win. Tonight on SmackDown, Mysterio addressed Paul, but he was interrupted by Carlito, who accused Escobar of intentionally leaving the brass knuckles on the apron—this upset Escobar, who walked away from the ring.

He returned to help his LWO members during Carlito's match against Bobby Lashley. However, after Lashley won his match, he and the Street Profits beat up ˚ Carlito while Santos looked on. Rey came out to help them, and he confronted Mysterio.

Santos then attacked Rey from behind. As he was helping Rey up, the former United States Champion slapped him several times and knocked him down. Rey then apologized, but Santos Escobar pushed him onto the ring post.

With Rey's feet caught in the steel steps, Santos hit him with a dropkick. As the latter walked away, the remaining LWO members checked on Mysterio.

It remains to be seen what this means for Rey Mysterio and the LWO faction now that Santos has turned his back on them.

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