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"Enough is enough." - Bruce Prichard reacts to Mick Foley and The Rock's brutal WWE match

The Rock and Mankind in an
The Rock and Mankind in an 'I Quit' match
Modified 09 Sep 2020, 22:50 IST

The Rock and Mankind aka Mick Foley are known for working extremely well together, be it as enemies or as friends in WWE. However, the two of them have shared one match that stands out from the others due to how brutal it was.

The match took place at WWE Royal Rumble 1999, where The Rock and Mick Foley faced off against each other in an 'I Quit' match. The match was extremely violent and saw The Rock hit Mick Foley with 11 shots to the head with the chair, all while Foley's hands were handcuffed behind his back and so he could not protect his head.

Talking about the match, Bruce Prichard (h/t Wrestling Inc) talked about how brutal it was to watch it.

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Bruce Prichard talks about how brutal the WWE match between The Rock and Mick Foley was


Bruce Prichard referred to the match between The Rock and Mick Foley at WWE Royal Rumble 1999 and said how difficult it was to watch, not only now, but back then as well.

"It was violent and brutal. Not just difficult to watch now, it was difficult to watch back then. It was something you were like, 'Okay, I've seen it.' Enough is enough and move on. Nothing will prepare you for that. It was just a testament to the toughness of Mick Foley and that's not always good."

The unprotected shots to the head of Foley looked really bad, and Bruce Prichard said that The Rock and Mick Foley really respected each other, but it turned out to be far more than what was necessary when they were wrestling in that WWE match.

"I know for a fact. I know Rock - I don't even think they could convince me. Rock couldn't convince me that he wanted to take his head off; I just couldn't believe it. There was a lot of respect and admiration between the two and both were professionals. They did discuss it ahead of time and did have an idea of how brutal it would be. Sometimes it's just worse in real life, folks, and people get carried away trying to paint a picture."
Published 09 Sep 2020, 22:50 IST
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