Possible reason for Eva Marie's release revealed

Eva Marie has now been released a second time.
Eva Marie has now been released a second time.
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Among the 18 wrestlers that were released from WWE this past Thursday, Eva Marie bears the accomplishment of getting released twice. It seems like a message was being sent to her in the release that has been the subject of controversy.

The former WWE Superstar has been a controversial figure, to say the least, as she attracted a lot of heat in her first run. Fans have never quite been behind her and had a lot to say when it was announced she would be returning to WWE.

Even after her return, she hardly ever managed to connect with fans and also had several things going against her before she was released. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that the reason for the release might've been because the company could've held that 'acting' break against her.

“She left to do some acting work right after she [returned] she wasn’t getting over. She’s not young, you know. Great look, of course, great look and all that, great body; but she left. So, I think that probably was held against her. It was an idea, but she wasn’t that good of a wrestler at all. It wasn’t going to work. They gave her a chance.”
My first lead role😀! Awesome cast, director, script and crew 🙌🏼 I can’t wait till I can announce more 🇺🇸🇺🇸

It seems that now she'll completely choose to focus on her acting and fitness modeling career, with WWE being out of the way. Who knows, maybe someday Eva Marie will be a household name in Hollywood.

Eva Marie got a heartfelt message from Doudrop after her release

After returning to WWE, Eva Marie got a pretty mixed reaction from the WWE Universe. However, she had a partner by her side, Piper Niven, who's now called Doudrop.

The two shared a short run as a pair before eventually breaking up once Doudrop turned on Marie and beat her in two straight matches. They seem to have a close relationship in real life though, and Doudrop has nothing but respect for the former WWE Superstar.

Eva Marie got quite a heartfelt response from the RAW Superstar, who posted a tweet calling the former her hero.

What do you think Doudrop will do now, after Eva Marie's departure from the company? Let us know what you think of the matter in the comments down below.

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