"Everyone hates Michael Cole!" - Bayley reveals her tactics ahead of WWE Extreme Rules

Bayey is set to defend her title at Extreme Rules; John Cena and Michael Cole in WWE
Bayley is set to defend her title at Extreme Rules; John Cena and Michael Cole in WWE

Bayley is set for a big match at WWE's The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, as she is set to face Nikki Cross in one of the biggest one-on-one matches in Cross' career. Bayley's WWE SmackDown Women's Championship is going to be on the line, as she takes on the unhinged Nikki Cross, making this the latest in a long line of challenges that Bayley has had to face ever since she became the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. Over the last year, she has remained dominant and has somehow managed to make her character entertaining, despite the last four months of her title reign taking place inside an empty arena. Talking about her character ahead of WWE Extreme Rules, Bayley mentioned how she has managed to keep things interesting by taking shots at Michael Cole, emulating The Rock, and more.

Bayley on keeping things interesting ahead of WWE Extreme Rules

When talking about the current commentary team in WWE, there is one name that always stands out. Michael Cole has been one of the top commentators and has been in the wrestling business for more than 20 years now. Throughout that time in WWE, Michael Cole has been an object of ridicule for wrestlers working with him, be it backstage as an interviewer, or in the ringside commentary area.

While WWE fans may criticize him at every turn, it has to be acknowledged that what Michael Cole brings to the commentary desk is an extreme amount of professionalism and experience.

However, some of his best moments are when he works with the talent to be made fun of. Over the years, The Rock, Chris Jericho, John Cena, and others have always made fun of Michael Cole as a way of getting a laugh from the WWE audience.

Now, Bayley has adopted similar tactics in WWE. Working in an empty arena is difficult enough, but Bayley has been able to make things interesting by adding a new layer to her character headed into Extreme Rules. Seemingly always joking, but ready to take a shortcut, Bayley has also taken to making fun of Michael Cole with Sasha Banks at her side. Cole has been the target of several jabs from Bayley, and as she heads into Extreme Rules, the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion explained herself.

"Whether they hate it or they love it, whatever! At least they are hearing what I am saying and that's all that we can do in this trying period, show them who I am. Maybe yelling at Michael Cole, they seem to like that. Everyone hates Michael Cole, let's just jump him!"
"The Rock put a towel over his face. Everybody has given him c**p."

Now, Bayley is set to face Nikki Cross at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.

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