"Everything is on a different scale" - Former NXT star Xia Brookside discusses life outside of WWE (Exclusive)

Xia Brookside signed with WWE back in 2018
Xia Brookside signed with WWE back in 2018

Former WWE rookie Xia Brookside recently spoke about her life away from the company and wrestling on the independent circuit.

Brookside, a second-generation wrestler from Britain, signed up with WWE back in 2018. She competed in the Mae Young Classic and was later moved to NXT UK. As part of the developmental brand, she had some compelling matches with Doudrop and Toni Storm before challenging for the NXT UK Women's Championship held by Meiko Satomura at the time.

Xia Brookside recently appeared in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling. The upstart mentioned using her time away from the company to reinvent herself and rekindle her love for wrestling. She acknowledged that very few promotions had WWE's reach and production facility, but they all had something unique to offer.

"I wouldn't say it's scary. The first place I call was All-Star Wrestling. It's not on the scale the Legends show was. But it's the town shows, it's the camps, it's where I started, it's where I first watched wrestling. I feel like everyone has their home, and for me, that's my home. So I was like, 'I'm gonna go back there, I'm gonna have fun, I'm gonna re-trigger my love, I'm gonna re-find myself.' Everything is on a different scale, but what you get from them can be the same." [15:30 - 16:15]

You can watch the full interview here:


Xia Brookside recently competed outside WWE at Prime Time Wrestling 3: Legends

In a recent live event in Poland, Xia Brookside competed in a Triple Threat Match for Prime Time Wrestling. The show emanated from Hala Osir Bemowo in Warsaw.

The 24-year-old star went up against Myla Grace and Diana Strong in a stellar showdown. Myla won the match by pinning Brookside after almost six minutes of back-and-forth action inside the ring.

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