Former WWE star has ambitions similar to The Rock (Exclusive)

Ex-WWE star Ashante Adonis says The Rock is his inspiration
Ex-WWE star Ashante Adonis says The Rock is his inspiration
K Sai Krishna

Tehuti Miles (fka Ashante Adonis in WWE) recently stated that The Rock was his inspiration to pursue professional wrestling.

Adonis was a part of the popular faction Hit Row in NXT. The group made their way to the main roster in the 2021 WWE Draft. However, before they could replicate their success on the main roster, they were all released from the company.

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone of Sportskeeda Wrestling on the latest episode of UnSKripted, Miles heaped praise on The Great One.

"The Rock. Hands down. He is the GOAT. He inspires me because he came from nothing. I came from nothing. Just to watch him do everything he puts his mind to and I feel like I do the same way in everything and I'm trying to have similar success and stuff. Yeah, he's just a huge inspiration," Tehuti Miles said. (26:50 - 27:30)

Miles shared the story of how he made the journey to wrestling. The 29-year-old spoke about his stint in the army and pursuing a degree in theater.

"I was from New Jersey originally and I have been doing performing arts my entire life. My mother is the director of an African dance company so I used to dance and drum when I was a kid, performing in front of hundreds of people so many times a year. After high school, I joined the army at 17. I was deployed to Afghanistan at 19. I was there for 12 months. The military as a whole has been the foundation of my life. It has changed my mindset and outlook of my life completely. After military, I went to the university of Maryland where I got my degree in theater and I played football there as well for all four years. I graduated in 2016 and then I got into wrestling into 2017. That's what I wanted to my entire life along with acting in movies and TV shows. That's my dream." (29:17 - 30:20)

You can check out the complete interview below:


Tehuti Miles competed against former WWE star Braun Strowman

WOW. @BraunStrowman is in a mood for destruction and taking it out on a pair of local competitors on #Raw.

Before making it big as a member of the Hit Row faction, Miles first debuted on the WWE main roster on the April 1st, 2019, episode of Monday Night RAW. During the show, he competed in a handicap match against Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men made quick work of both his opponents to pick up the win.

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