"Never liked him" - Ex-WWE star criticizes CM Punk's attitude and backstage politics

CM Punk briefly worked on the same roster as Rene Dupree
CM Punk briefly worked on the same roster as Rene Dupree
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Rene Dupree did not enjoy working with CM Punk during their time together on the WWE ECW brand.

The two-time tag team champion lost five times against CM Punk between August 2006 and October 2006, including two matches on television. During one of their televised matches, Dupree started the two-minute contest as the aggressor to gain an immediate reaction from the crowd.

Speaking on his Cafe de Rene podcast, the former La Resistance member said Punk purposely responded in a dramatic way to make him look bad. He also admitted that he never liked the current AEW star:

“He goes [gasps], being overly dramatic, like, ‘Oh my God.’ You little f***ing p***k, I’ve been doing this longer than you. I don’t care how much hype you’ve got from all these marks on the internet. I know more than you, you little f***. Never liked him,” stated Dupree. [39:57-40:19]

Dupree performed on WWE ECW between August 2006 and February 2007 before leaving the company. He also said on the podcast that he became a “jobber” after an awkward backstage conversation with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Rene Dupree claims CM Punk did not want 2 Cold Scorpio to succeed

#OnThisDay in 2006: ECW on Sci-Fi: M̶M̶A̶ ̶S̶u̶p̶e̶r̶s̶t̶a̶r̶ [redacted] C.M. Punk defeated Rene Dupree by Submission.

2 Cold Scorpio worked in Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH when he competed in a WWE tryout match against Rene Dupree in August 2006. The match was well received by WWE’s higher-ups and led to Scorpio’s brief return to the company in December 2006.

Dupree believes CM Punk wanted him to “bury” Scorpio during the match because he felt threatened by the veteran. According to Dupree, Scorpio would likely have had a problem with Punk stealing moves from another NOAH star, KENTA (also known as Hideo Itami in WWE).

“So in his mind he wanted me to bury Scorpio to prevent him from getting a job," Dupree said. "He knew that if Scorpio was in that locker room, he would call out Punk [for copying KENTA's moves], and Punk can’t fight worth a s*** and Scorpio can strap. Everybody kicked his [Punk’s] a**. That’s the political bulls*** that I hate.” [19:54-20:32]

Scorpio (also known as Flash Funk) received his release from WWE in May 2007, just six months after his return. Dupree also exited the company in July 2007.

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