"I work for you and you don't know" - Ex-WWE star thinks Vince McMahon had no idea who he was

Vince McMahon does not speak to every WWE Superstar before they debut.
Vince McMahon does not speak to every WWE Superstar before they debut.
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Chris Harris recently disclosed details of the only interaction he had with Vince McMahon during his short run in WWE.

Harris, best known for his work in IMPACT Wrestling, performed as Braden Walker on WWE’s ECW brand in 2008. He won televised matches against Armando Estrada and James Curtis before receiving his release.

Speaking on Couch Conversations, Harris said he seriously doubted whether WWE’s Chairman knew anything about him:

“I decided to introduce myself to him. I’m sure this was one of the first times I was there because he was there every TV. I wanted to introduce myself to him. I didn’t know if he even knew who the hell I was. He said hello and that was it. That kind of made me think, ‘You don’t know who the hell I am. I work for you and you don’t know.’” [58:38-59:08]

Before joining WWE, Harris won the NWA World Tag Team Championship six times with James Storm and once with Elix Skipper. His tag team with Storm, known as America’s Most Wanted, was widely regarded as one of the best duos in wrestling in the 2000s.

Chris Harris thinks new superstars need time with Vince McMahon

🗓️ ON THIS DAY 🗓️ 8th July 2008 - Cult character BRADEN WALKER makes his in-ring debut on ECW, beating Armando Estrada.The former Chris Harris would only have one more match for the promotion... meaning he has a 100% win ratio on WWE TV!

The former IMPACT star debuted in WWE around the same time that Ron Killings, also known as R-Truth, returned to the company. While Killings starred in vignettes to promote his comeback, Harris was introduced to television without his character receiving any backstory.

On reflection, Harris believes he should have been given time to speak to Vince McMahon before appearing on the WWE Chairman’s television shows:

"If you’re fortunate enough to have minutes of TV time on their program, I think you should be able to sit down with the boss and let him get to know you. Something like that. I had one interaction with him and that was it.” [59:27-59:45]

Harris added that veterans like Shawn Michaels and Triple H seemed keen for him to succeed. However, that feeling did not appear to be shared by WWE’s higher-ups.

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