Ex-WWE talent got "buried" after claiming he was better than Kane, former manager says

2021 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Kane
2021 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Kane

Glenn Jacobs, better known to WWE fans as Kane, is widely viewed as one of the greatest big men in wrestling history. Dutch Mantell and Kenny Bolin recently recalled how former WWE developmental talent Russ McCullough claimed to be better than The Big Red Machine.

McCullough was part of WWE's Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) system between 1999 and 2001. Bolin, a former OVW manager, grew tired of the six-foot-11 wrestler's attitude and sent him to Mantell's International Wrestling Association (IWA) promotion in Puerto Rico.

Mantell said on his Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast that McCullough badmouthed The Undertaker during his brief run on WWE's main roster:

"He never made the main roster, right? I think he did make it. I think he said something about Undertaker one night and Undertaker overheard him." [0:23 – 0:34]

Bolin added that McCullough developed a bad reputation behind the scenes after he made negative remarks about Kane:

"He already stated in OVW he was better than Kane. That's what got him buried here." [0:36 – 0:41]

McCullough never competed in a televised match on RAW or SmackDown, but he did wrestle in several untelevised main roster bouts in October 2001.

The imposing superstar faced Chuck Palumbo, Crash Holly, Hugh Morrus, and Tommy Dreamer in singles matches. He also teamed up with a young Randy Orton to defeat Dreamer and Justin Credible at a live event.

Dutch Mantell does not think Russ McCullough was the right fit for WWE

Before his short main roster stint, Russ McCullough briefly wrestled superstars including The Big Show and Tiger Ali Singh in Puerto Rico. He also joined forces with Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) one time in an IWA tag team match.

Dutch Mantell claims McCullough was once reduced to tears after suffering a knee injury:

"He got down there and I forget what happened. He like hurt his knee or did something, and he was actually crying in the dressing room. I went, 'What the…?'" [1:27 – 1:41]

Mantell said he was "p****d off" about the situation because he did not receive money from WWE for allowing McCullough to wrestle on his shows.

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