Angelo Dawkins ready to showcase a whole new side of himself if Street Profits are split up in the WWE Draft (Exclusive)

Could The Street Profits be split up in the WWE Draft?
Could The Street Profits be split up in the WWE Draft?

The annual WWE Draft is upon us, and as cliche as it sounds, the entire landscape of the company could be changed by the end of Monday. The two-night event starts this Friday on SmackDown and it's all but guaranteed that some major names will be on the move. We could see champions switch brands, and yes, even witness tag teams split up.

Just last year, WWE did the unthinkable and separated The New Day. Fans were more than a little displeased at the time, but in the long run, the move ended up paying off big time - especially for Big E. The new WWE Champion will no doubt be a high selection in this year's draft, and it's expected that he'll remain with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on either RAW or SmackDown.

Always being beacons of positivity, The New Day are shining examples of what happens when things go right. As many of us know, the best-laid plans don't always come to fruition. One team that won't be afraid to take the challenge head-on, should they be separated, is The Street Profits.

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Angelo Dawkins took some time to talk with Sportskeeda Wrestling this week. He says they have not been clued into what creative has planned for himself and Montez Ford, but he isn't too worried about a potential Street Profits break-up.

"We haven't really thought about it, but I also know if it were to happen, we'll both be ready. I mean, Tez just showed last week that he can handle it. You know what I'm saying? I'm not shying away from it. It'll be a fun little contest," Dawkins said. "It'll be a fun little time. We'll still support each other, no matter what."

There was some social media speculation this week that WWE may be looking at a solo run for the man who carries the solo cup after Montez Ford battled Roman Reigns in the main event of SmackDown. Or WWE simply took advantage of Angelo Dawkins being unavailable last Friday to give the fans a fun and fresh match-up.

Either way, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows a thing or two about wrestling, who doesn't see a bright future ahead for Montez Ford. Not one to buy too much into his own hype, Angelo Dawkins says that Ford sometimes needs to be reminded just how good he is at being a pro-wrestler. Then again, so does Dawkins.

"We both need that kick in the butt, but like sometimes, there'll be times where we just act like some things are normal and it's just like, nah, like you're good man. Like, you're really good. You got something here." Dawkins continued, "You gotta let each other know that and he's phenomenal. Hops out this world, you know? I almost like sometimes gotta put rocks in his shoes just to like weigh him down a little bit more. So he doesn't go like, I don't know, flying into the stands when he really doesn't need to. But I mean he's a tremendous athlete man. He improves each and every day. He gets better at everything. He's the total package, man. I tip my hat to him."

As for Dawkins himself, he says a potential split from Montez Ford would allow him to showcase a side of himself the fans haven't really seen before.

The goal for Angelo Dawkins is to be the best, no matter what


The Street Profits have accomplished a great deal in their four years together, already completing the Tag Team Championship Triple Crown. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford combine each other's strengths to formulate a tough match-up for any opponent. Ford brings his speed and athleticism, while Dawkins brings the muscle.

Should the day come that Angelo Dawkins sets off on his own, he's very eager to show the fans the skills that he's been holding back all these years.

"Not a lot of people know what I can bring to the table," Dawkins stated. "I'm the powerhouse of the team. So like not many people have seen me really move. I don't really need to fly because I got the flyer next to me. You know what I'm saying? I got Tez with me. So my job is just to go out there and run people over and knock them down and throw them and all that types of stuff. And I let him handle the high-flying stuff. So, if it ever happens to where we're on different brands, I think I got a different side that nobody's ever seen of me before to show."

All good things eventually come to an end, but Angelo Dawkins says he and Ford still have a lot they want to accomplish as a tag team. First things first, they want another shot at The Usos and the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Whether or not they get another opportunity in the near future is obviously going to depend a lot on the outcome of the WWE Draft.

Be sure to tune into SmackDown at 8 pm on FOX as the draft gets underway and also stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for all your draft coverage. We will be live starting at 8 pm ET this Friday with live analysis, trivia, games, prize giveaways, and more.

Check out our full conversation with Angelo Dawkins in the video above. Also, make sure to follow Sportskeeda Wrestling on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more exclusive interviews in the future.

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