"So embarrassing"- Fans aren't happy with The Rock's latest Instagram post

The Great One's Instagram post drew the ire of fans
The Great One's Instagram post drew the ire of fans

The internet isn't thrilled with The Rock's latest social media activity and his comments about his upcoming movie, Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet today. He is set to portray the role of Black Adam in the upcoming Hollywood flick of the same name, set for release in October 2022.

Johnson recently made a comment about the Black Adam character, talking about plans to build the "Black Adam DC Universe." Fans aren't happy with him trying to make it seem like Black Adam is the center of DCEU.

To top it off, Johnson's latest Instagram post shows him wearing gym gear with the following written on it: "The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed."

The post quickly went viral on social media and received massive backlash on Twitter. Check out some of the most notable responses to it:

lol this is so embarrassing
it's so funny that The Rock just see DC like it's pro wrestling and he's booking himself top of the card…
"hierarchy of power" is 100% him thinking about these movies in terms of top card, middle card, bottom card and baby you KNOW he's a main eventer
@Thatoneguy64 "Dwayne, this is the seventh week in a row you've said the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe has changed."
@Leask Not the rock simping for a fictional version of himself.
@mutlileveltrash @Leask Dwayne Johnson as The Rock as Black Adam is the meathead version of the "I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude!" line from Tropic Thunder.
@Thatoneguy64 Especially funny since there's been no clear "hierarchy of power" (what is that?) to begin with.Kind of feels like this was something he kept saying at a pitch meeting and everyone gave in.
@Thatoneguy64 You can take the man out of wrestling, but you can't take wrestling out of the man.
@Leask “Is this your king?” run through six focus groups and twelve google translates
@Leask it's silly but "embarrassing"? nah idk if i'd go that far
@Thatoneguy64 "rock, everyone knows that at the top of the hierarchy of power in the dc universe there exists-""IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE HIERARCHY OF POWER IN THE DC UNIVERSE IS"

What were The Rock's original comments that caused fans to turn on him on Twitter?

On August 1, 2022, The Rock shared an Instagram post in which he thanked the fans for making Super Pets a success. In the caption to his post, he wrote the following:

"At @sevenbucksprod we have major plans to build out the BLACK ADAM DC UNIVERSE and now the DC SUPER PETS UNIVERSE with our partners @wbpictures & @dccomics - and SUPER PETS & BLACK ADAM is just the beginning."

The Rock's plans to build a "Black Adam DC Universe" received a huge negative response from Twitterati. Check out some of those responses below:

The Rock just said he’s working on expanding “the Black Adam DC Universe” in his recent Instagram caption. Jeez💀
the Black Adam DC Universe 😭
"Black Adam DC Universe"

It's clear as day that The Great One is doing everything in his power to hype up Black Adam before it hits movie screens in October. He has been promoting the same on all of his social media platforms for a while now.

It remains to be seen if Black Adam will meet the WWE legend's expectations or if it will end up being an underwhelming presentation.

Are you excited for Black Adam? What do you think of the WWE veteran's "hierarchy of power" comment? Sound off in the comments section below!

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