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WWE News: Finn Balor keen to see Conor McGregor in WWE

Finn Balor expresses his eagerness to welcome Conor McGregor into Professional wrestling.

James Dowell (left) in conversation with WWE superstars Finn Balor and Bayley
Finn Balor speaks about Conor McGregor joining WWE

WWE superstar Finn Balor has stated that he would like to welcome the UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor into the world of professional wrestling. He expressed his eagerness towards the association of the fellow Irishman with the WWE and encouraged the latter to expand his horizons.

He shared his thoughts with James Delow, host of Gorilla Position, in its 100th episode which was celebrated with a live recording of the show where Balor appeared as the guest along with WWE superstar Bayley.

Conor is currently the UFC sensation with the title of Lightweight Champion in his bag. He is also the former UFC Featherweight champion. According to talkSport, Balor referred to Conor as a ‘larger than life character’ and stated it would be a total victory for everyone if Conor becomes entered into professional Wrestling.

Balor expressed his views on Conor McGregor by saying:

“Obviously Conor has been extremely successful in his field, but I now read he wants to expand his field.

If he were to expand his field to the world of professional wrestling and whether he was in the corner with me or in the opposing corner facing me, I think it’s a win for all of sports entertainment to have such a larger than life character involved in what we do.

Regardless if he is against me or standing side-by-side, then it's a win-win for everyone.”

Balor also discussed his injury and his plans of making a powerful comeback later on in the show. He stated that he was currently focused only on returning to the ring. He has been out of action due to a shoulder injury which he had received during his SummerSlam title-winning match against Seth Rollins in August.

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He also mentioned that along with his dedication to bag the Universal title and make a solid comeback, he has a positive attitude which will definitely help him in recovering sooner than what is being expected.

“The target and the goal and the whole time since the accident happened has been WrestleMania. There is a possibility I may be ready a week or two before that but as of now the target is WrestleMania and that hasn't changed.

However, I really believe in the power of positive thinking and the collective power of people's thoughts spawning something into becoming reality.

So if everyone does believe I can win the Royal Rumble then I guess it's not impossible,” 

The statements made by Balor in the context of Conor's involvement in WWE have definitely paved way for all kinds of speculations about the presence of Conor at WrestleMania 33.

Who will the UFC champion step into the ring with? Well, that will be revealed only with time as the story unfolds. 

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