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Finn Balor reveals surprising real reason behind Bullet Club's formation

Finn Balor was the leader of the Bullet Club
Finn Balor was the leader of the Bullet Club
Modified 18 Sep 2020, 18:00 IST

Finn Balor is the current WWE NXT Champion, but even before he came to WWE, Balor has been making headlines across the world. He made a name for himself as Prince Devitt in NJPW, where he formed Bullet Club with his friends, Karl Anderson, Bad Luck Fale, and Tama Tonga.

Despite coming to WWE now, Finn Balor's formed Bullet Club remains extremely popular, although some of the original sheen is no longer there. Bullet Club has gone through several incarnations with different stars leading the faction in different directions. Now, the WWE NXT Champion, Finn Balor, has revealed during an interview with Digital Spy, the reason behind the formation of The Bullet Club originally.

Finn Balor reveals surprising reason behind formation of The Bullet Club

Finn Balor revealed that The Bullet Club might have been founded in a storyline, but it was surprisingly a very real thing. At the time, Balor said that he was unhappy in NJPW due to the way that he was being treated and he developed a bond with Karl Anderson, Tama Tonga, and Bad Luck Fale.

"Bullet Club's a funny thing because obviously we created that in Japan and that was a moment in time and it really represented my personal feelings at the time."
"I was disgruntled with how I was being treated by the office in New Japan and the bond that I had with Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga and Fale... it wasn't a storyline that was a real moment in time and it was real emotions and real feelings."

Finn Balor went on to add that he felt that what he remembered as Bullet Club no longer existed.

"What I remember of the Bullet Club is gone," Balor said. "But certainly there is a huge attachment and a huge affinity I have for Bullet Club and everything it has done and everything it has evolved into. Certainly from a personal level I feel it's like any relationship, you're friends with someone for a while, maybe you're friends with someone at college and college finishes and you kind of grow apart, it feels like that."
"Certainly we've grown apart, whether that's forever, I don't know. There's certainly an unwritten respect that all the Bullet Club members have amongst each other. So I think we're all bonded together, whether that becomes public again in the future or not, I don't know."

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Published 18 Sep 2020, 18:00 IST
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