Former champion defeats 28-year-old WWE star to send a strong message to JD McDonagh

JD McDonagh is a former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion.
JD McDonagh is a former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

On the latest episode of WWE NXT, former United Kingdom Champion Ilja Dragunov defeated Trick Williams to send a warning to JD McDonagh.

Williams entered the ring with a microphone before taking on the former champion. Ilja Dragunov entered the ring, but his challenger hit him with a cheap shot.

Later, Trick Williams stopped the former NXT United Kingdom Champion from hitting a move off the top by dumping him outside the ring. As Dragunov found himself on the floor, JD McDonagh came out.

McDonagh joined the commentary table for the remainder of the Williams vs. Dragunov match. The former NXT United Kingdom Champion recovered with a clothesline off the counter. He landed some chops and elbows on the 28-year-old. Ilja hit a jumping Enzuguiri and a knee to his opponent in the corner.

In the match's closing moments, Trick Williams went for a spinning kick, but Dragunov caught him by his leg. Finally, Ilja Dragunov hit a powerbomb followed by a forearm before getting the win with the Torpedo Moscow.

After the win, Dragunov stood tall in the squared circle and locked eyes with JD McDonagh by the commentary table.

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