Madcap Moss' girlfriend comes to his rescue after being taken out by Karrion Kross on WWE SmackDown

Karrion Kross emerged victorious on SmackDown
Karrion Kross emerged victorious on SmackDown

Karrion Kross collided with former 24/7 Champion Madcap Moss on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown.

The two stars collided on the blue brand three weeks ago, which saw The Doomwalker take out Madcap with the Kross Jacket. Before the bout began, Madcap's real-life partner Emma confronted him in the Gorilla Position to discuss what happened to him three weeks ago.

Karrion Kross was accompanied by his wife Scarlett. Moss had a lot of offense in the match as he took down Kross with multiple clotheslines. After the latter took a fallaway slam, he left the ring to regroup.

That was a naughty slap from @Lady_Scarlett13! ๐Ÿ‘‹#SmackDown

Scarlett then confronted Madcap on the outside. When he got back in the ring, Kross locked him in the Kross Jacket, but he managed to fight it off. He then went on to slam the former NXT Champion in the match to break the hold, but Karrion reapplied the hold and forced Madcap Moss to tap out.

Although the latter tapped out, Kross refused to let go. WWE Officials then came out to address the situation. When the Doomwalker finally let go, Emma came running to the ring to check on Madcap Moss.

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