Former champion says he wasn't sure he'd return to WWE after his release

This former champion was released under Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon has released several talents from WWE in the last two years

Current WWE SmackDown star and former NXT Champion Karrion Kross has commented on whether he thought about returning to the company after his release.

Kross was let go by the global sports entertainment juggernaut in November 2021 alongside his wife, Scarlett, due to budget cuts. The duo made a surprise return to the company during an episode of the blue brand before Clash at the Castle, where they confronted Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.

Speaking to My San Antonio in a recent interview, Karrion Kross stated that he wasn't sure whether WWE was going to rehire him after his release.

“Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't [believe I would make it back], but I landed into such good hands right off the bat. Occupationally, I had a chance to go in so many different directions, and explore few new fields, so I treated the situation that I was in [being released] as a period of time that was going to provide self-exploration. I was going to get to see what I was really good at. I was going to get to find and discover new layers of myself, and I did," said Kross.

Karrion Kross says he and Scarlett planned to start a family before WWE return

The Doomwalker and The Siren of Sin were a unit in NXT, but Karrion Kross was alone when he made his initial main roster debut on RAW.

He was joined by Scarlett for the first time when they returned on WWE SmackDown last year. Karrion Kross revealed that they planned to start a family before they got a call from Triple H.

"We had our lives planned out. I mean, and people don't even know this, we're thinking about maybe even having a kid, you know, or thinking about starting a family. And we looked at each other – and her and I have always been telepathic, even before we were married or dating -- so, we just kind of gave each other a look and we knew what page we're on. And we're like, ‘Yeah, we can do that.’"

Karrion Kross is currently scheduled to collide against WWE legend Rey Mysterio on this week's episode of SmackDown. The former NXT Champion has been after Mysterio over the past few weeks.

After returning, Kross was also engaged in a lengthy feud against Drew McIntyre.

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