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WWE News: Former lead WWE writer Tom Casiello talks about his release on Twitter

There is still little clarity about the real reason for Casiello being asked to leave.

It will be interesting to see how WWE’s storylines are affected by Casiello’s exit

In what came as a dramatic development, the WWE fired their long-time lead writer Tom Casiello from his position a couple of days back. Yesterday, Casiello gave his statement on the matter through a series of tweets.

He started off by providing a simple explanation of what exactly happened and the consequence of it for both him and the WWE. His first Tweet read:

Casiello made it clear that this was his only statement on his removal from the WWE and he would not entertain any more requests:

The former WWE writer discussed his relationship with the McMahon family and the good reputation that he had managed to earn in the past 6 years. He said:

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Tom Casiello claimed that his fellow writers in the WWE were like his brothers and although he was sad about not working with them anymore, they would still be friends. Casiello stated:

He asserted that he is proud of the work he has done in the WWE and the highly skilled people that he worked with:

Speaking about his role in the WWE’s women’s revolution, Casiello gave full credit to the female superstars for achieving it. He admitted that he was involved in it from Day One but so was everyone else in the WWE.

Tom Casiello talked about Vince McMahon being firmly behind the women’s revolution and also mentioned his role in the creative process. 

He then assured the fans that him leaving the company does not mean that the WWE Women’s division is heading back to old days because the current crop of female superstars was here to stay.

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