Former New Day podcast producer Dan Ryckert says there is a "culture of fear" in WWE

The New Day's Feel the Power podcast was quite popular.
The New Day's Feel the Power podcast was quite popular.

Former WWE employee Dan Ryckert spoke about the company's "culture of fear" during a recent interview.

Dan Ryckert worked as a journalist for the Game Informer and Giant Bomb Publications before signing a deal to work with WWE in 2020. He worked as a podcast producer, notably for The New Day's Feel The Power podcast, before leaving in 2022.

In a recent interview with MiniMax, Ryckert said that accepting the offer from WWE initially filled him with optimism, but it was short-lived. The former podcast producer then went on to talk about the company's "culture of fear," stating that people are often fired on a "whim."

"There’s a culture of fear there. Everyone is afraid to rock the boat because there is a long history of that company of certain people up top, I bet you won’t know who I’m talking about. People get fired, people get fired on whims all of the time. I survived a bunch of waves of massive layoffs, I had several waves of bosses and bosses above bosses get laid off for two and a half years," Ryckert said. (H/T Fightful)

Dan Ryckert on why WWE ended The New Day's podcast

Before he left the company after a two-year-long tenure, Dan saw The New Day's Feel The Power podcast end.

In the same interview, Ryckert noted that he worked on three podcasts for the promotion during his run, but New Day's was the most popular. The show, he claimed, ended under dubious circumstances.

"The New Day podcast was the most successful one we had, and I’m not gonna go into specific issues or anything but I’m sure a lot of people know the issues with downside guarantees or talent not getting paid for stuff... The New Day podcast, we stopped doing that because you’re on the hook to do a certain amount of podcasts with the business partner so it’s just like we’re just putting out Best Of’s." (H/T Fightful)

It is interesting to learn about the dubious backstage goings-on in the company. You can read all the latest WWE news updates by clicking right here.

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