TNA News: Former TNA wrestler arrested for domestic violence

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According to The Leaf-Chronicle, former TNA star Anthony Gregory Mayweather, popularly known by his ring name Crimson, was arrested for headbutting his wife on Sunday morning. He was charged with domestic assault.

Crimson was better known for his 470 day undefeated streak during his time with TNA. During that period, he feuded with popular TNA wrestlers like Anarquia, Hernandez, D'Angelo Dinero, Bobby Roode and Jeff Jarrett. He was notable for his feud with Matt Morgan, with whom he was a Tag Team Champion before turning heel, and his gimmick as Amazing Red’s brother Little Red.

According to the arrest warrant, Clarksville police received a call regarding domestic assault outside of the Mid Town Inn on Kraft Street. The police arrived at 1:33 AM after someone called 911 and said a man headbutted a woman. When police arrived, the woman told them everything was fine as she attempted to pull her husband away from police.

The woman, Heather Mayweather was bleeding from her nose and lip. When enquired about the injury she had told police that she fell down and nothing physical happened between them. Crimson too refused any physical violence, but the poilce noted “he was very defensive about officers interviewing his wife”, in the warrant.

A security guard from a nearby restaurant confirmed police that he saw the man headbutt the woman in her face.

The former TNA wrestler was charged with domestic violence into the Montgomery County Jail on $2,500 bond. His wife, Heather, was also booked for public intoxication into the Montgomery County Jail on $439 bond. The warrant states that she had a slurred speech and was unsteady on her feet. The warrant also noted that she was a danger to herself.

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