Former WWE Champion appears to confirm that Bray Wyatt will miss WrestleMania

Will Bray Wyatt be at WrestleMania next month?
Will Bray Wyatt be at WrestleMania next month?

Bray Wyatt has been missing from WWE TV for several weeks, which has left Uncle Howdy and Bobby Lashley to build up his match for WrestleMania.

It was reported earlier today that the former champion is currently sidelined with "physical issues" and it's unclear when he will make his return, with many fans questioning if he will be part of WrestleMania.

Bobby Lashley gave an update on Twitter earlier today where he noted that he has worked too hard to be denied this shot and he doesn't care who it is that steps up to him at WrestleMania.

It seems that even The Almighty is aware that his WrestleMania dream could be slipping away if Wyatt is unable to return in time. Now the WWE Universe is questioning who the company's Plan B for the show could be since there are just under three weeks left until WrestleMania takes place.

Bray Wyatt was initially expected to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania

Interestingly, Bobby Lashley wasn't Wyatt's first choice in regards to WrestleMania opponents. Instead, the initial pitch was reportedly for Bray Wyatt to take on Brock Lesnar, but The Beast rejected the idea of the match. As a result, Wyatt was handed Lashley.

Brock Lesnar is instead set to face the enormous Omos in what could be a match that changes the seven-foot Nigerian giant's career if he is able to walk out victorious.

It's unclear as of now who Bobby Lashley will face if Wyatt is unable to compete. This late in the game, it is likely that WWE will allow Lashley to face Uncle Howdy since he is the man who has been on hand to carry this feud in Wyatt's absence.

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