Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio provides an update on his wrestling future

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik after winning SD Tag Titles
Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik after winning SD Tag Titles

Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio says he will hang up his boots after he feels Dominik is ready to take off on his own.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio made history by becoming the first-ever father-son tag team champions in WWE history. The Master of the 619 has had a storied career in pro wrestling, which includes multiple championships and high profile matches.

During his recent appearance on Rasslin with Brandon F. Walker, Mysterio shared that he'll retire once Dominik is ready to take off by himself.

“I think I’ll step back once I feel like my son is ready just to take off on his own,” said Mysterio. “That would be really helpful for him. I’m hoping that it happens within this year."
"For him to branch out and take care of things on his own. I’ve had the opportunity to be on the same house shows as him, with me wrestling in a completely separate match and him wrestling by himself," said Mysterio. (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

Rey Mysterio says WWE veterans Randy Orton and Edge have been advising Dominik

Rey Mysterio is inarguably the greatest cruiserweight champion of all time. He has accomplished what many could only dream of in WWE.

Mysterio stated that Randy Orton and Edge have been giving Dominik advice as he continues to gain experience in the ring.

“There’s a lot of talking to the boys, the younger talent, the new generation, making them feel at home and giving them advice,” said Mysterio. “Whether it’s good advice when they do good, or if they do something bad you can tell them ‘you know what? You can possibly do this better. Try it. See if it works, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll find another way.’
"You see a lot of that from the Randy Ortons, the Edges. My son Dominik has been getting a lot advice from Randy, from Edge, from the guys that have been around there. Guys like us that have been there since the early 2000’s,” said Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio has been revealed as the cover star of WWE 2K22, which is set to be released on March 11th.

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