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WWE News: Former WWE creative member shares views on Vince McMahon’s hometown jobbing policy

Even top stars, like Charlotte, are not immune to Vince's ruthlessness.

Vince McMahon might have Bret Hart syndrome
Vince does not back the home stars in the WWE it seems

The WWE has racked up a history of jobbing wrestlers in their hometowns. Former WWE creative team member Matt McCarthy was part of the PWtorch Livecast spilling the beans on Vince McMahon’s booking ideas and on the concept of having wrestlers lose in their hometowns.

McCarthy has worked with the WWE for a year, from 2010 to 2011, and even highlighted instances of some high profile members of the WWE team getting embarrassed when in front of their home crowd such as Jim Ross in Oklahoma.

When asked about the jobbing philosophy from the WWE, McCarthy stated:

"I mean, I don't know why (Vince) does that, but it's something that's always happened.

I don't remember any specific examples of it, but there was always an awareness of, 'Well, what town are we in, oh so-and-so is from here, Vince is probably going to want him to lose.'”

Unsurprisingly, the creative member couldn’t pinpoint why McMahon would have such a policy in the first place as the owner of the WWE still is part of the day-to-day running of the organisation.

“I never, ever got an explanation for why that was. Even a general booking philosophy of why you'd do that."

McCarthy did, however, believe that the reason why Vince was not changing the policy was due to his age. The former WWE employee stated that McMahon had been doing the job for a number of years and that once a precedent is set, it is tough to break away from it.

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Even top-billed stars at the moment are facing Vince’s wrath with Charlotte losing her title match against Sasha Banks in her hometown of Charlotte, NC.

McCarthy believes that this policy is hurting the business as home fans weren’t getting the best deal on their live experience thanks to the jobbing.

The WWE does have an issue with declining audiences and them not giving the proper booking to wrestlers in their hometowns could be a reason why live attendances, as well as viewership numbers, are failing.

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