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WWE News: Former WWE Diva Eve Torres starring in film with Jackie Chan

Eve Torres to star in film with Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville

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Jackie Chan is facing a former WWE talent in one of his latest films

What’s the story?

Jackie Chan is no stranger to iconic films. Although best known for his ability to pull his own stunts in his films, he had a task unlike any other: facing a former WWE talent in his latest film.

The movie, “Skiptrace,” which also stars Johnny Knoxville, has added a familiar face to the silver screen; former WWE Diva Eve Torres.

In this film, Torres plays a character named Dasha, who gets into a scuffle with Chan, which most likely indicates that she plays a villainous role in the film based on her background in Mixed Martial Arts. 

In case you didn’t know:

Eve Torres has a background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and even teaches the martial art in Los Angeles. She has a background in modelling and dancing, which includes being a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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After entering the 2007 Divas Search, she ended up winning the competition which earned her a WWE contract. She had her first match in 2009, and also served as an Executive Administrator role on Raw, which is a storyline role similar to what a current General Manager of the show does.

Eve Torres is a two-time WWE Divas Champion

The Heart of the Matter:

In 2015, Eve Torres starred in the film “The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power”, playing the role of “Chancara.” It was her first acting role that she starred in as a different character. She previously played herself in the movie, “Queens of the Ring.”

Recently, she was seen making a cameo appearance in the CW Television show, Supergirl.

What’s Next?

After an impressive 2016, which saw her starring in a film alongside Jackie Chan and appearing on an episode of “Supergirl”, Eve Torres is well on her way to a successful movie career, considering her background in both acting and modelling.

Sportskeeda’s Take:

Eve definitely has the look of a star. As she continues to take on roles whenever she can land them, it will only benefit her stock as she reaches to the next level in the film industry.

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