Former WWE employee feels Cody Rhodes was "chosen by the marks," doubts his credibility within TKO (Exclusive)

The Rock punished Cody Rhodes on RAW this week
The Rock punished Cody Rhodes on RAW this week

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has his reasons for favoring Roman Reigns over Cody Rhodes in the WrestleMania main event this year.

The two biggest stars of WWE are set to collide in a blockbuster match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania XL. While Roman has been the champion for 1,311+ days, The American Nightmare has a lot of momentum coming off back-to-back Royal Rumble wins.

On this week's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo said that he felt that the winner would be determined by how The Rock and TKO viewed the two stars. He detailed that if he were in the Hollywood star's shoes, he would still continue with Roman as the champ.

"It really depends on how The Rock sees and views Cody Rhodes. I'm sorry, if I'm the Rock and I'm on that Board and I have say so, to me, Roman is much better a champion of that company than Cody Rhodes," said Russo.

The former writer detailed that Roman Reigns and his historic championship reign was a much better storyline for casual fans to follow than Cody finishing his story and being the first in his family to win the coveted title.

"Cody Rhodes is a guy that was chosen by the marks. He was going to be their guy. I don't believe casual fans care about Cody or are fans of Cody Rhodes. I think Reigns with that streak supercedes Cody finishing a stupid story. That's just me bro, that's the way I feel." [From 13:08 onwards]


Over the last two weeks, The Bloodline has responded strongly to Seth Rollins and Cody, beating up the two babyfaces and ensuring their dominance.

As we inch closer to WrestleMania, it is becoming increasingly hard to predict who will emerge victorious at the main event of The Show of Shows.

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