Former WWE star discloses original SmackDown plans for SAnitY

Left to right: Killian Dain, Eric Young, and Alexander Wolfe
Left to right: Killian Dain, Eric Young, and Alexander Wolfe

Big Damo, formerly known as Killian Dain, recently revealed how WWE initially intended to book SAnitY’s main roster debut.

The villainous group attacked The Usos midway through the June 19, 2018 episode of WWE SmackDown before a scheduled match between the two teams. A week later, Jeff Hardy joined forces with The Usos to hand SAnitY a surprise defeat in their first main roster match as a group.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Damo revealed that SAnitY was supposed to debut on SmackDown on June 5, 2018. However, the main event between The New Day and The Miz, Rusev & Samoa Joe overran, meaning their debut was put back.

“The week before that, we were meant to debut at the very end of the main event,” Damo said. “It had spilled into nonsense. It was The Miz and somebody against New Day and we were meant to appear on-screen, top of the ramp, to close out SmackDown, but they overran so it never happened.” [52:08-52:24]

Damo did not elaborate on how the show was due to end, but SAnitY would almost certainly have confronted The New Day. The two groups met a month later on the WWE Extreme Rules 2018 kickoff show in a tables match, with SAnitY picking up the win.

How Big Damo felt about SAnitY’s WWE main roster run

Chaos is imminent... #SAnitY is here.@TheEricYoung @KillianDain @TheWWEWolfe #ExtremeRules

Performing as Killian Dain, Damo participated in just nine televised matches during SAnitY’s year-long run on SmackDown. Aside from a 20-man elimination tag team encounter at Survivor Series, his only victory came in the aforementioned tables match against The New Day.

Although his SmackDown experience did not go according to plan, the Northern Irishman enjoyed spending time with SAnitY stablemates Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young.

“Who knows what could have been, what might have been, whatever else,” Damo added. “But the truth is we had a good experience. We got to travel the road with two of my very best friends. I had such a wonderful experience and, to be honest, nobody ever told us why it didn’t work, so we weren’t able to fix it.” [52:24-52:41]

All three male members of SAnitY have left WWE over the last two years. Nikki Cross, Damo’s wife, was also part of the faction in NXT, but she became a singles competitor after receiving her own main roster call-up in late 2018.

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