Former WWE star Eli Drake reveals he was extremely close to signing with AEW

AEW offered two separate deals to Eli Drake
AEW offered two separate deals to Eli Drake

In a detailed interview with WhatCulture, NWA star Eli Drake confirmed that he was extremely close to signing with All Elite Wrestling upon his release from Impact Wrestling last year. The former WWE star had two offers on the table from AEW, but both parties couldn't go through with either of the deals.

As revealed by Drake, they had even gone as far as deciding on his entrance music, but unfortunately, the negotiations fell through on both occasions. Talking about the details, Eli Drake further revealed,

"When I left Impact, there was [interest from AEW]. As a matter of fact, breaking news, I had two separate deals ready to go with them, ready to be signed. To the point where I had even sent them my entrance music. We were about to be 'go'. Then some things just fell through, and it didn't end up happening. They sent me one deal, we renegotiated, they sent me another. They were just waiting on my signature."

Eli Drake on a possible future with WWE

Before signing with Impact Wrestling, Eli Drake worked on WWE NXT for two years. He was released from the company in 2014, but he confirmed that Vince McMahon wanted to hire him again on three separate occasions. However, owing to the financial reasons, Drake continued to work for Impact Wrestling, and he admits that it might not have been the best decision from a business point of view.

When asked if he still has WWE aspirations, Drake revealed that he would like the opportunity to perform at WrestleMania, but for now, he doesn't know if he will sign with the promotion.

"Would I like to be on that huge stage of WrestleMania? Yeah, probably. But I just also talk to some of the guys who are there, I look at the way the climate is, and I just don't know."

Eli Drake also stated that during his first run with WWE, he felt that no one was by his side, but he believes that the system might be different now. Even though he is still sceptical about signing with WWE, he revealed that he does aspire at the 'Grandest Stage of Them All'.

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