"He thought he was the king" - Former WWE star on Shawn Michaels' locker room heat (Exclusive)

The WWE Hall of Famer was notorious for his backstage behavior.
The WWE Hall of Famer was notorious for his backstage behavior.
Israel Lutete

Former WWE manager Oscar has opened up about Shawn Michaels' locker room heat, stating that it stemmed from The Heartbreak Kid himself.

The former Men on a Mission member recently joined Sportskeeda's Dr. Chris Featherstone on UnSKipted to discuss various topics. When asked why Michaels had so much animosity backstage, Oscar stated that the former brought the heat in the locker room himself.

He added that the WWE Hall of Famer was narcissistic and rubbed many people the wrong way.

"Shawn Michaels had a lot of heat in the locker room because back then, Shawn Michaels brought the heat in the locker room... He's a changed man now, I'm glad of him. But Shawn Michaels...he thought he was the king of the company. He thought he was, you know, I mean, he just, he rubbed people the wrong way back then. A lot of people," said Oscar.

Oscar reflected on HBK's altercation with former WWE Tag Team Champion Mo during a tour in Israel. The two stars nearly got into a fight.

"In Israel, Mabel passed out... Shawn Michaels is taking a shower. Mo and I are in the locker room, chilling, minding our business. Shawn comes out... elbows Mo and told him to get the hell out the way. Mo told him the operative word is excuse me. The exchange of words got heated, and it almost escalated into a fight. It didn't, but it almost did. That's kinda an example of a couple of things," Oscar recalled.

Oscar reflects on his altercation with Shawn Michaels in WWE and Mo's punishment

In his prime, Michaels was one of the top stars in WWE. He held many championships and main evented countless pay-per-view events. According to Oscar, Mo was sidelined for an entire year after his altercation with HBK.

Oscar shared that Michaels also rubbed him the wrong way, but he chose not to retaliate because he didn't want to lose his WrestleMania spot.

"I mean, Shawn Michaels even rubbed me the wrong way... I didn't say nothing, because I had just found out earlier that day from Pat Patterson, we were slated to be in WrestleMania 10. So I was smart enough to know, patient enough to know and was able to hold my temper because I didn't want to say nothing or do nothing, no matter what happened to jeopardize that. Mo's temperament is not my temperament... Mo got sideline for a year after that... He was on the road, but he wasn't doing any matches," said Oscar.

Oscar didn't remain with WWE for too long after that, as he chose to step away from wrestling. He revealed during the interview that he didn't want to be a heel, and he didn't want to be a part of a villainous group.

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