"I had heat" - Former WWE Superstar comments on why Vince McMahon never pushed him as a star

Vince McMahon oversees everything in the Stamford-based company.
Vince McMahon oversees everything in the Stamford-based company.

Former WWE Superstar Raven has opened up about his issues with Vince McMahon during his time in the company.

Raven has had two spells with the promotion, with the first one being in 1993. While it lasted only a year, the second stint, which started in 2000, ended three years later. The 57-year-old had a few notable moments in the company, including feuds with Kane and Steve Blackman.

The veteran was recently in conversation with SOUNDSPHERE, where he explained that he did not get the deserved push in Vince McMahon's company. He rated his work in ECW much higher when compared to that in WWE.

"It would’ve been if I would have made it to the top of WWE [Raven responded when asked if he felt his character in WWE was everything he wanted it to be] but, that was — WWE, I had heat with [Vince] McMahon, long story and so I never really got what I felt was the push I deserved in that company and… so no, I didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but what I did do, I felt the work I did in ECW will stand up against anybody’s work any time, anywhere, ever. Whether it’s work rate, whether it’s matches, whether it’s storyline, storyline especially," said Raven. (H/T - Post Wrestling)

Former WWE star Raven shared an update following knee replacement surgery

The star got his knee replaced in April and had even posted a picture on Twitter citing the surgery as the reason for the delay in the release of an episode of his podcast.

Sorry for the delay w/last week’s ep of theRavenEffect Podcast!We may be delayed a hair this week as well, but we should have it out sometime Monday. Also, I should be back as well. Sorry for being out but after knee replacement surgery, I was whining like a little bitch

In the same interview with Soundsphere, Raven noted that he would soon be getting his other knee replaced.

"I got one of my knees replaced so I’ve been rehabbing that and I’m gonna get the other knee replaced soon as I’m done rehabbing the first knee and then next year, I’m gonna get the — I already had one of my shoulders replaced. I’m gonna get the other shoulder replaced." (H/T - Post Wrestling)

As mentioned earlier, the veteran now successfully runs his podcast called The Raven Effect. His last match in World Wrestling Entertainment was against Jeff Hardy, a Royal Rumble qualifier that resulted in a loss. You can find more updates about him here.

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