Former WWE star reveals the real reason behind big change in Hit Row (Exclusive)

Hit Row became babyfaces after their main roster debut.
Hit Row became babyfaces after their main roster debut.
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Former WWE star and Hit Row member B-Fab recently discussed why the previously heel faction turned into babyfaces after their main roster debut.

Despite playing a villainous role, Hit Row earned a lot of appreciation from the WWE Universe, which was only exemplified when they moved to the main roster.

During an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, B-Fab recalled how the group started as heels but soon won the crowd over with their attitude and chemistry. While they were somewhere between a babyface and a heel, she admitted their gimmicks quickly changed after Hit Row was drafted to the main roster.

B-Fab said that supportive tweets from Kevin Owens and Bayley, alongside their popularity from NXT, added to the group's hype. Hence, they were perceived as babyfaces upon arrival on SmackDown, with the creative team booking them accordingly.

"When we went to the main roster, they wanted us to be more babyface, I would say, but that was also because fans were carrying us to that side. When they saw that we were getting drafted, when they saw that SmackDown wanted us, when they saw that people from the main roster like Kevin Owens and Bayley had liked us and tweeted us out, it just made people go, 'oh, we love this group.' So, we were already getting love on the way to being on the main roster, you know, as far as we were at that time of going that way, but yeah, there was really no pick of heel or face. It was just kind of fans, just like, 'Oh man, we love Hit Row.' It just changed us into being the faces on the main roster because of all the love from you guys," said B-Fab. (12:10-12:50)

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Hit Row's brief run on WWE SmackDown

While there was a lot of hype surrounding Hit Row's arrival on SmackDown following the 2021 Draft, their run on the blue brand was relatively short. A month after moving to the main roster, B-Fab was released.

Two weeks later, WWE also confirmed the release of the three other Hit Row members -- Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Ashante "Thee" Adonis, and Top Dolla.

Hit Row members were among the long list of names released by WWE last year. However, their exit was shocking, considering how much time the creative team had invested in building them up as a must-watch faction on SmackDown after the Draft.

Were you a fan of Hit Row? Who was your favorite member? Let us know in the comments section below.

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