Former WWE star says his "s*x addiction" made him lose focus on his career

The 38-year-old star was released in 2015
Some WWE careers don't pan out well

Former WWE Superstar and RAW General Manager Brad Maddox recently opened up about having a s*x addiction and losing focus as a result.

Brad Maddox was a WWE mainstay for about seven years, from 2008-15. He is well known for his brief stint as a WWE official and his run as the RAW General Manager. During his stint, he also had run-ins with The Authority and Kane.

Maddox recently made an appearance on Wrestling With Rip Rogers, where he revealed that he had a s*x addiction which resulted in him losing focus on his WWE career.

"I was one of those stories where they just kind of lost their way. I got caught up in some things. Now, I'm sure you know the news. It's fairly old at this point, right? Yeah, some stuff leaks, but it was kind of that time period. So, I had a p*rn addiction. Then that cascaded into a s*x addiction, and that was a whole thing for me. That was just very mind-consuming."

He added that he wasn't very focused and couldn't take advantage of the opportunities presented to him.

"So I wasn't very focused, right at the time when I should have been. And then I'm going up there as a referee, and I'm having to carry a walkie-talkie around, and my ego was just too big. I didn't fully take advantage of the opportunities." [1:12-2:02]

Brad Maddox's WWE release was a controversial affair

Former RAW General Manager Brad Maddox was let go in late 2015 following a seven-year stint with the company.

During a dark match, he referred to the crowd as 'pr**ks,' and it didn't sit well with former CEO Vince McMahon.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Maddox detailed the incident and mentioned how McMahon was not a fan of what he said.

"I had a dark match in Indianapolis and I called the Indianapolis crowd “pr**ks.” I didn’t think anything of it. That’s never been a bad word to me. I didn’t think it was inappropriate. Vince [McMahon] was watching and did not like it. That was pretty much the reason." [H/T Rolling Stone]

Maddox had his final wrestling match against R-Truth on the November 24, 2015, taping of Main Event. The dark match was won by Truth, and that was it for Maddox as an in-ring competitor.

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