Former WWE star Westin Blake teases two major reunions outside the company (Exclusive)

Could Blake and Buddy Murphy team up outside of WWE?
Could Blake and Buddy Murphy team up outside of WWE?

Wesley Blake was one of the WWE Superstars released from his contract in April. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, he maintained that he is giddy with excitement about the future, at the opportunities that await him outside the company.

One of them could involve a reunion with former WWE NXT tag team partner Buddy Murphy. Incidentally, Murphy was released from his contract in the month of June. Could we potentially see a reunion outside of WWE?

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In the same interview, Blake also discussed a reunion with his former WWE partner, Steve Cutler.

Could a Blake and Murphy reunion happen outside WWE?

Westin Blake did not rule out the possibility of coming back to WWE NXT like Samoa Joe, but also mentioned AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, NJPW, MLW, and NWA as places he wouldn't mind wrestling at.

And during the course of the said interview, he mentioned a reunion with former WWE star Buddy Murphy.

"Buddy Murphy is another name that sadly, very talented, got released recently and I mean the opportunities of working back with Buddy would be a lot of fun," said Blake.

Blake also brought up the possibility of working with Steve Cutler, his partner from the WWE SmackDown duo - Knights of the Lone Wolf, as well as the NXT & SmackDown squad- The Forgotten Sons. Cutler, incidentally, goes by the name Steve Maclin on IMPACT Wrestling:

"The great thing about these opportunities now is that you have Steve Maclin, formerly known as Steve Cutler, he's over at IMPACT. I would always...that's another thing I'd like to do. I think me and him have a lot of unfinished business. Of still being a tag team together," said Blake.

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